In a site that everyone has became moderators, being a mod lost purpose. So, some rare people decided to form a group. They called themselves administrators and decided to bring back justice to this law-torn site. These are the stories of those unknown heroesEdit

Confusion amongst the members of administrators is starting to appear as Major Andy has accidentaly banned General bug, or so he claims it is accidental. Is he a spy? Is someone else making him do this? Will The group stay true to their rightful purpose? Find out in the next chapter of The History Of Chicken Nugger Wiki

And now, a deep silence has fallen in wikia. No one is saying anything, but you can feel the silence cutting through your ears. Everyone is in deep thought, even normal people are not saying anything. What Major Andy did means that Administrators are comprimised, and everyone is in silence, waiting for others to move. No one knows what is going on for sure. But the next move will be so loud after this long silence, it will pierce through the ears of everyone. Whoever will take it, will risk everything. Will our heroes be able to get out of this tight situation? Will the uneasiness between members will go away? Find out in the next chapter of The History Of Chicken Nugger Wiki

5-Hour Epic Music Mega Mix-005:02:19

5-Hour Epic Music Mega Mix-0

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